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Temperature Transmitters:

Industrial; Marine; Hydraulic; Refrigeration/HVAC; Engines

Temperature Transmitter, programmable ranges with 250 Celsius span, from -50 Celsius, with maximum sensor temperature of +250 Celsius. DIN43650A Connector to IP65 or M12x1 4 pole electrical connections to IP67, other electrical connections available, body and wetted parts of Stainless Steel, sensor length 50mm standard, other lengths available, 4-20mA or PT100 outputs, with variety of different classes of temperature sensors. Various process connections available. Marine version with GL approval available.

Temperature Transmitter, with inbuilt 4 digit display adjustable & rotatable through 300 degrees. Makrolon Head. Ranges -50..+200 Celsius RTD PT100 4-20mA with superimposed HART-protocol integral display, electronics fully potted IP65 minimum. Configuration via HART interface/software or keys. 2 electronic limit values (open collector). LCD indication with backlighting 5 digit 7 segment or 8 digit 14 segments. Optional radio transmission. Dip in, Screw in or Food connections available, all wetted parts of Stainless Steel (1.4571). Ambient Temperature -40..+85 Celsius. System pressure 25 bar maximum.  Display unit PC, Housing PTB GF30. Various electrical connections available.

Heavy duty industrial temperature measurement instrument, resistance thermometer, thermocouple, resistance and voltage. Measuring ranges dependent upon sensor or input signal. Available ranges across all sensors -270 Celsius to +1820 Celsius. 4-20mA with superimposed HART-protocol, integral display, electronics to IP65. Configuration via HART interface/software. LCD indication with backlighting 5 digit 7 segment or 8 digit 14 segments. Supply voltage +15..+45 VDC. Ambient temperature -20..+70 Celsius. Diecast aluminium enclosure, nipple for mounting Stainless Steel.

Rail Temperature Sensor. Measuring element PT100 4 wire, class ‘A’.  Measurement deviation +/-0.05% measuring span, Accuracy +/- 0.01% of measuring span in Kelvin. PC configurable, MS-Windows 3.11 or higher.
Software “DTM – Control”. 4-20mA 2 wire analogue output, invertible to 20-4mA programmable. Supply voltage 9-36 VDC, Insulation voltage 1500 VAC, 60 s. Operating Temperature -40..+85C, Optional -50..+105C. Galvanic insulation, case of special steel (uncoated) fully potted. Fixing by clutch and threaded rod 10mm, Torque 68 Nm. Electrical Gland PG11 with flying lead from potting wire H07BQ-F 2 x 1.5mm.