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Instruments for Flow & Level & Float:

Flow Transmitter for aggressive media. Ranges 0.075  +3 M3/ hour up to 10..+40 m3/hour. Pressure range 3 bar static with 600 mbar differential. 4-20mA output root extracted, Media temperature 0..+60 Celsius G1” to G3” male process threads. Wetted parts of chemically resistant plastic and the transmitters made of AL2O3 ceramic coated. Flow proportional output signal, no moving parts. Plant pressure possible with second output signal.

Sensor for liquid level, of conductive liquids with GL approval, up to 3 electrodes with maximum length of 1000 mm, body of brass, electrodes of Stainless Steel (1.4305), Operating pressure up to +10 bar. Media temperature -20..+50 Celsius maximum, Process connection G1” (M) Electrical connector DIN43650A to IP65

10N NK10
Level Limiter for heat & processing plants, Media temperatures up to +400 Celsius maximum, Maximum operating pressure +16 bar, float material Stainless Steel (1.4301), Double wall metal bellows, of Stainless Steel (1.4541), mounting position horizontal, 250V, 6A ohmic resistance M16x1.5 electrical connection, with 1 or 2 micro switches. Instrument to IP55, various flanges or welded socket process connection.

Capacitive Level Sensor in plastic, for clean water, waste water & sewerage, diesel and fire suppression foam. Application to plastic or metal tanks G1 ¼” (M) process connection with G2” (M) protective tube, configured for ranges from 400mm to 2000 mm in length. Maximum media temperature +80 Celsius, Electrodes in Stainless Steel, ECTFE, shrinking plastic tube (polyolefin) Various outputs available, supply voltage 9-32 VDC for current output, 12-32 VDC for voltage output. Electrical connection M12x1 4 pole to IP67.