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EX Products:

Approved to ATEX.
Thermostats; Pressure Switches; Pressure Transmitters.

Pressure Transmitter with digital display and switched outputs, ranges 0..+400 mbar up to 6 bar. Polymid housing to IP65, media temperature -10..+60 Celsius. Various outputs available, M12x1 4 or 5 pole electrical connector. Threaded or cutting ring process connections. ATEX approval.

Heavy Duty Industrial Differential Pressure Transmitter ranges 0.6 mbar up to +60 mbar with 32 bar static, 0..+32 mbar up to 20 bar with 140 bar static. 4-20mA out 316L Stainless Steel wetted parts.
 With no display, or with analogue or digital display.
2 x ¼” npt threads, Electrical connection internal terminal block with gland. With  ATEX approval.

Level Limiter for heat & processing plants, Media temperatures to +400 Celsius maximum, with minimum -20 Celsius, Maximum operating pressure +16 bar, float material Stainless Steel (1.4301), double wall metal bellows of Stainless Steel (1.4541), mounting position horizontal, TUV 07 ATEX 553595, suitable for mounting in Zone 1 & 2 hazardous gas, as well as Zone 22 hazardous dry dusts, if connected to an certified intrinsically safe circuit. M16x 1.5 electrical connection to IP67, with 1 or 2 micro switches. Instrument to IP55. Various flanges or welded socket process connection.

Heavy Duty Industrial Differential Pressure Gauge with 100mm or 160mm dial Indicator, ranges +40 mbar to 25 bar, with 40 bar or 100 bar static options. Media temperature +100 Celsius maximum. Various pressure connections. ATEX approval.

Heavy Duty Industrial Differential Pressure Switch for thermal oil applications and hot water plants. Ranges 0..+400 mbar up to 6 bar with 25 bar nominal pressure. Media temperature maximum 60 Celsius maximum. Optional single or double microswitches. Thread or cutting ring connections. Electrical connection with prewired and numbered cable or terminal box. 2 options for Zone 1 and 2 hazardous gases II 2 G EEx ib c llC T6 and for Zone 22 Hazardous dry dust II 3 D c T70C IP65.