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Pressure Transmitters:

Industrial; Marine; Hydraulic; Refrigeration; Water; Pumping; Engines

Pressure Transmitter for aggressive media ranges 0..+40 mbar up to 1000 mbar, compound ranges  -25..+25 mbar;
-50..+50 mbar; -100.+100 mbar, with turndown 5:1 (gap) Ceramic pressure sensor, with housings of PVDF, PP, PA. Media temperature 0..+60 Celsius maximum. Plastic Process connection G2” (F) process connection, Electrical connector EN175-301-803A 90 degree to IP65.

Pressure Transmitter 0..130 mbar up to +1.3 bar with 5 bar static; 0..500 mbar up to +5 bar with 15 bar static; 3.0 bar up to 30 bar with 90 bar static, Media temperature +80 Celsius maximum, Silicone capacitance sensor, ½” npt (F) process connection, process connection not affected by fouling, 316L wetted parts 4-20mA with optional HART interface.