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Gas Density for SF6 gas:

Switches and Transmitters for SF6 trending systems

87X6 series Gas Density Switch
Electromechanical switch with 1 to 4 switch points per monitor, with large SF6 monitor. High resistance to shock and vibration. Measuring range 0..+1.1 MPa abs, temperature range -40..+80 Celsius (optional range -60..+80 Celsius), temperature compensated to reference gas measurement. Protection to IP65 or IP67. Gas connections of all types available, no dampening oil needed. Polyurethane protection cover available.

8774 series Gas Density Transmitter
Electronic monitor of SF6, with continuous output signal for SF6 trend analysis, with extremely drift free signal. Digital or analogue output signal available. Wide density range 0-10 bar SF6 pressure at +20 Celsius. EMC according to IEC standards. Outdoor application without additional protection.

878X series Gas Density Transmitter/Switch
Hybrid gas density monitor with integrated electronic density sensor in one compact instrument, providing a continuous output for SF6 trend analysis, with local indication. Gas connections of all types available. Polyurethane protection cover available.