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Load Cells and Strain Gauge Amplifiers:

Mobile Wheel & Axle Platform Scale, up to 80 tons axle load. Fast setup, construction of high quality aluminium & steel, with ultra slim design of 18mm WAP and 25.5mm for WAP-D. Designed for static or dynamic weighing for ranges 10, 20 and 40 tons. Weigh bridge equipped with 4 stainless steel load cells to IP66. WAP measuring to 10kph, WAP-D wheel stop. Automatic weighing can be accomplished by connecting two scales to Mobile Hand Device ADLM-HA the measuring results can be logged instantly or added up, stored, and read or analysed at the office PC via RS232 interface.

Load Cell for tanks & hoppers. Ranges 1 tonne to 75 tonne. Output 2mV/V (+/-0.25%). Accuracy <0.05% of end scale value, repeatability 0.01% of end scale value. IP68 protection. Operating Temperature -20..+70 Celsius. Insensitive to off axis loads. Standard cable length 4 metres shielded with polyurethane drain wire, other lengths on request. Sensor double shearing load transducer in Stainless Steel. Case of high alloy tool steel, Stainless Steel optional.

Bending Beam Load Cell. Ranges 0..+5 kg up to 500 kg.  Output 2mV/V +/-0.002 Supply 9-12 VDC/AC. Combined error 0.02% of end scale value. IP67 protection. Load cells in Alloy Steel or Stainless Steel. Temperature range -10..+40 Celsius. Standard cable length 3 metres 4 wire shielded.

Tension Load Cell S shaped for force and pressure measurement. Ranges 0..+100 kg to 0..+5000 kg. Output 2 mV/V +/-10% or 3 mV/V +/-10% . Combined error 0.02% of end scale value. Particularly suitable for parallel connection. IP66 protection. 6 metre 4 wire cable with polyurethane drain wire. Load cells in High alloy steel nickel plated or Stainless Steel.

Load Measuring Pin. Force measuring device for existing installations without mechanical modification. All load measuring pins are custom made and every dimension is possible. Ranges 0..+100 kg to 2000 tonnes. Output strain gauge full bridge, or optionally 2 strain gauges full bridges redundant, or 0-10 VDC, 0..+20mA or 4-20mA. IP65 protection with option of IP68. Accuracy up to 1% of end scale value. Suitable for AK4 in conjunction with TUV approved measuring amplifier.

Compression Load Cell. Ranges 0..1kN to 0..1000kN. Output stain gauge full bridge 2mV/V. Protection IP67. Accuracy 0.1% of end scale value. 3 metres cable standard other lengths on request. Low heights 30mm to 80mm.

Mobile telemetry underhooked Load Cell. Ranges 1 tonne to 500 tonne. Accuracy 0.2% of end scale value. For use with standard lifting shackles. Wireless range 200 metres. IP67 load cell, IP65 hand held device with 3 tactile switches ON/OFF; HOLD: and TARE. 8 character alpha numeric display 5 digit resolution. Both load cell and hand held device have automatic power down. Operating temperature load cell -10..+80 Celsius, hand held device -10..+55 Celsius.

Mobile Digital Amplifier for Strain Gauge. Designed for examination of load/power cells in existing installations, for logging & measurements at the serial interfaces. ADLM-HA has inputs for two DMS strain gauges with sensor supply and a programmable sensitivity from 0.1 to 5 mV/V. Interface RS232 with programming software or four programming keys on the unit. Each amplifier has two programmable outputs. Aluminium housing with switchable background lighting. Case, connection plug, charge/supply unit, adaptor for connection of measuring cell cables and a V25 cable connection with software is included in the accessories. Power supply 7.2V 2AH (battery supply).

Wall mounted Digital Amplifier for Strain Gauge. Specification as for ADLM-HA but for fixed industrial applications. Power supply 24 V DC.

Digital Amplifier for Strain Gauge. Input 1 strain gauge full bridge (350 ohms). Input sensitivity 0.1..5 mV/V Sensor supply 5 VDC. Outputs 4-20mA/0-10 VDC. Voltage supply 24 VDC +/-30%. Resolution 12 / 14/ 15/ 16 bit. Combined error 0.2% of end scale value. IP65 protection. Completely potted option. Adjustment and output RS232 interface. Operating temperature -40..+75 Celsius. Various electrical connections available. Enclosure Stainless Steel.

Limit Value Switch with analogue inputs. Output 2 relays with changeover contacts 250V/3A AC. Supply 24 VAC/115V AC/ 230V AC/ 24V DC. Settable limit value with coding switch, Switching function minimum/maximum selectable. State of relay LED (red). Accuracy 0.2% of end scale, Resolution 1%. Hysteresis 0.5..10% adjustable (potentiometer). IP20 protection. Mounting DIN top hat rail. Connection 2 x 8 pole pin and socket connector for cable up to 2.5mm.