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Temperature Switches / Thermostats:

Industrial; Marine; Hydraulic; Refrigeration/HVAC; Engines

Temperature switch (factory set only), Ranges 0..+80 Celsius up to 0..+180 Celsius with set point between +70..+180 Celsius in 5 Celsius increments, Accuracy +/-5 Celsius, reset temperature  Vibration resistant to GL specifications characteristic curve 2 Failsafe high current switching capacity for both resistive & inductive loads, fast response time, snap action switching N/C contacts N/O above set point self-resetting, DIN EN175301-803 90 degree electrical connector to IP54, Process connection G1/2” (M) with 30mm insertion.

Remote expansion thermometer, with gauge and 1 2 or 3 outputs. Ranges between -30 Celsius up to +600 Celsius. Ambient temperature compensated and zero point adjustment are standard. Very short reaction time with high accuracy 1% FS. Vibration resistant, moisture repellent case of Stainless Steel, thermowells in various materials, with various process connections, and insertion lengths to +400 mm.